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Mineral water with selenium, which originates from the Kiseljak spa, is one of the best mineral waters in Europe

The municipality of Smederevska Palanka is situated in the northeast part of Šumadija. It is 80 km from Belgrade, and only 8 km from Corridor X by air. The municipality has natural resources, namely geo-thermal mineral water, which provides a great opportunity for development of spa tourism, and two artificial lakes. The mineral water with selenium, which originates from the Kiseljak spa, which is only 2.5 km from the town centre, is one of the best mineral waters in Europe. Apart from drinking, the water is used for medical purposes, particularly for treating rheumatic diseases. Its healing properties have been scientifically proven.

Smederevska Palanka is also an industrial town and has several production locations suitable for brownfield investments.

The municipality has two science and research institutes – the Goša Institute and the Institute of Vegetable Crops.

The fact that the municipality is in the close proximity to Corridor X and Corridor VII (the Smederevo Port) should also be underlined as a benefit.

Municipal authorities advise investing in spa and recreational tourism (the Kiseljak Spa, partially adapted Mikulja Forest). 

Smederevska Palanka has an industrial zone in the northwest part of the town, in the town quarter called Kolonija.

Contact persons:
Radoslav Milojičić Kena
Municipal President
Vladimir Djurdjević
Chief of Staff
Vuka Karadžića 25
11420 Smederevska Palanka
Tel: ++381 26 321 001
E-mail: Vladimir.djurdjevic@gmail.com
Website: www.smederevskapalanka.rs
Industrial zones

Considering the fact that the municipality has an adequate industrial infrastructure (production facilities of the Goša Corporation and an industrial zone in the town quarter of Kolonija), it would be wise to invest in industrial branches too. Bearing in mind that the area is known for its fruit and vegetables, investing in agriculture could be of interest.

Smederevska Palanka has an industrial zone in the northwest part of the town, in the town quarter called Kolonija. The total surface of this zone is 40.5 hectares and the zone is only 2.5 km from the town, as well as 500 metres from the Smederevska Palanka-Smederevo regional road. The zone is covered by a detailed regulation plan. In terms of infrastructure; there is a paved road, electricity, water and gas supply.

The Goša industrial complex is the oldest industrial zone in the town dating back to 1923. It consists of two work zones – Goša 1 and Goša 2 – with a total surface of 38 hectares. Goša 1 is located between the railway station and the Kubršnica River, while Goša 2 lies on the opposite bank of the river, in Rudine. Goša 1 is suitable only for brownfield investments since it has empty production facilities. The zone also has complete infrastructure, including a paved road, electricity, water and gas supply and sewage, on top of an industrial railway track which is linked to the Belgrade-Niš railroad. Goša 2 is suitable for both brownfield and greenfield investments. This zone also has a paved road, electricity, water and gas supply and sewage.

The Guberaš location, which lies on the R-107 regional road (Smederevska Palanka-Velika Plana), on 30 hectares of land. This location is only 4 km from the town centre and the railway station. The entire municipality has gas and electricity supply, with an electrical grid suitable for large consumers too.

The roads in the municipality have been repaired recently, including the roads leading out of town, near the Kolonija industrial zone. Apart from the works on regional roads and the widening of the water supply grid to include the villages in the municipality, funds have been secured for the biggest investment in Serbia in 2013 – a water factory and a new water supply grid. This project, which will alleviate problems with water supply in the municipality (both in the town and the villages), as well as in the nearby town of Velika Plana, has been financed by the World Bank. The total project value is €11.5 million.

Companies that are already doing business-manufacturing in Smederevska Palanka

There are several large companies operating in the municipality – Atlantis Group from Croatia (production of non-alcoholic beverages), Agrokor (Idea supermarkets) from Croatia, Zos, Trnava from Slovakia (production of train cars), DIS from Serbia (supermarket chain), Metal Product d.o.o. from Serbia (production of aluminium and steel profiling machines), Delhaize Europe, Goša Equipment and Machine Factory and PORR-Werner & Weber.

Equipment administration and deadlines for issuance of the necessary permits to prospective investors

The municipal administration can issue the permits required for investments in a very short time.

Land development fee can be paid all at once or in instalments (up to 36). For one-time payments, the fee is reduced by 30% and the investor should submit the proof of payment when concluding a contract.

Companies and small businesses which hire at least 50 new workers in the scope of one year are entitled to a 50% discount.

Scientific institutions

Smederevska Palanka is home to two scientific institutions – the Institute for Vegetable Crops and the Goša Institute. The Institute for Vegetable Crops has top experts in the vegetable growing field, and there are a number of young scientists preparing their doctorates here. The Institute’s research programme is focused on genetics and breeding of vegetable crops.

The Goša Institute has 74 employees, 12 PhD holders and 10 PhD candidates. The Institute’s core activity is the development of technical and technological sciences.

The aforementioned science institutions could be considered an impetus for investments in the areas in which they specialize.