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Bogatić is a small town and municipality in Mačva County, Serbia.

The town of Bogatić has close to 7,500 inhabitants, while the municipality’s population is around 33,000. The municipality spans across 384 square kilometres.

The main economic branches here are agriculture, livestock breeding and vegetable growing, while the municipality is also developing tourism, particularly the rural tourism. A number of companies have announced that they will participate in the construction of a leisure and recreation complex based on local geo-thermal springs. Apart from that, the construction of greenhouses is in full swing which will increase the production of quality vegetables. The municipality has an industrial zone called Dublje. The state owns the land plots in the zone, while the municipality is allowed to use them.

The zone has a so-called work area which is actually a facility for the demonstration of the geo-thermal springs’ exploitation. You can conduct all sort of research about the utilization of geo-thermal energy for commercial use here.

The municipal authorities have very low land and location fees while the available locations in the industrial zone have a complete utility infrastructure. Investors will be issued with building permits within the legally prescribed time limits.

Contact person:
Nenad Beserovac
Municipal president
М. Vitоmirоvićа 1
15350 Bоgаtić
Теlеphone: +381-15-7786-126
Fаx: +381-15-7786-216
Е-mаil: оpstinа@bogatic.rs
Website: www.bogatic.rs
Spoken languages: English

By its geographical position (near “Belgrade – Zagreb” highway and the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina) and its natural resources (fertile land, thermal springs , mineral resources) Bogatić municipality is an attractive area for the operation of domestic and foreign investors and financiers.

With the most significant natural resources, 30,000 hectares of fertile land cultivated grains, vegetables and fruits , it is attractive area for agricultural investment. Due to the high fertility of soil results in high yields of all crops . Particularly high yields are achieved in the growing of corn and wheat. Of the most common vegetables are tomatoes , peppers , cabbage , cauliflower , potatoes . The most common fruits are: apple, pear , plum , cherry, strawberry , raspberry and blackberry.

Developed agricultural production is a potential base for the development of manufacturing and production of renewable energy sources (biomass ) .

Livestock and meat production is a traditionally developed branch of agriculture. The annual level of pork production is more than 100,000  and 20,000 cattle .

Thermal water with a temperature of 75 degrees Celsius was discovered at 412 meters depth , because of which Bogatic is indicated by a red dot on the European map as the most promising in the exploitation of renewable and inexhaustible energy source. Thermal power of geothermal basin is estimated at a minimum of 150 MW. Exploitation possibilities are great : warm-up settlements , industry , tourism ... Spa and recreation complex „Thermal Riviera“ is being built on 20 acres of land.
The Drina River is basin with the highest quality minerals - sand and gravel used in construction and road industry .

The area along the river Drina , which runs through Bogatić in the length of 20 km is ideal for development of tourism ( recreation tourism , fishing , hunting ) .

Tourism industry , except natural resources ( environmental health , coasts of the Drina and Sava rivers , vicinity of the nature reserve "Zasavica ") contribute to the rich cultural and historical heritage. Ethno complex in SOVLJAK preserved authentic household from the end of the 19th century and throughout the municipality there are several maintained households in ethnic style and categorized households to welcome guests .

In the municipality there is the land is owned by the state , whose beneficiary is the local government ( 16 hectares ) and work zone size of 12.5 acres acres. Land in the working area is owned by the local government and is available to for building. Potential investors can rent the land , but also purchase it, for the transfer of the ownership of private land would not have any legal obstacles.

There are considerable available, unused capacities for fitment of industrial facilities, warehouses and cargo centers in Bogatic and surrounding villages, which are connected to the headquarters of local government through developed road network.

Administration of local government is capable of providing technical assistance and to issue the necessary permits  at short notice to prospective investors and financiers.
Because of the high rate of unemployment , the number of unemployed people with high education are available for variety of jobs , especially in the fields of agriculture, food industry and tourism.